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Team members

Lynus Lim Ming Jun (ASD), Ashley Chen Siew Li (ASD), Enoch Chong (EPD), Edna Chah Eu Myin (EPD), Mok Rong Shan (EPD), Sesilia Fenina Gunawan (ISTD)


Thomas Schroepfer, Joel Yang, Jiang Wenchao

Writing Instructors:

Grace Kong

Teaching Assistant:

Srilalitha Gopalakrishnan




Push the limits of gaming with HIVE, the immersive gaming environment that helps eliminate distractions and features interactive systems to give you that competitive edge over your opponents.




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Exterior Panels
2 / 2
Interior Panels





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Inside HIVE



1 / 4
Exploded View
2 / 4
Isometric View
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Mave Render
4 / 4
Mave Physical Prototype

1 / 3
Gaming Mode
2 / 3
Idle Mode
3 / 3
Startup Mode



The setup is made from a modular system of panels that connect onto a main frame in a plug-and-play fashion. The design of both the exterior and interior are seamless, the exterior featuring prominent LED lights in a motherboard tree design language. The interior is clad with black perforated mesh to create an immersive and distraction-free environment for optimal gaming. The controllable LED systems allow for different customizable ambiences, such as gaming mode or idle mode. The highlight of the setup is the screen sampling, allowing for the colours of any game played or video browsed to be mapped onto the LEDs of the booth interior. This helps to enhance the immersiveness by effectively extending the screen further around the user.



student Lynus Lim Ming Jun Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Ashley Chen Siew Li Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Enoch Chong Engineering Product Development
student Edna Chah Eu Myin Engineering Product Development
student Mok Rong Shan Engineering Product Development
student Sesilia Fenina Gunawan Information Systems Technology and Design
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