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Agora Sports

Team members

Megan Chor Xin Yi (ASD), Wong Jing Yi (ESD), Tay Kiat Hong (ISTD), Lim Jie Han Joel (ISTD), Ng Kah Jun Jeremy (ISTD), Teo Siang Chuan Daniel (ISTD), Wilbert Aristo Guntoro (ISTD)


Norman Lee Tiong Seng, Ying Xu, Nuno Ribeiro, Thomas Schroepfer

Writing Instructors:

Wong Yoke Chee Susan

Teaching Assistant:

Cheryl Low Rui Min

A sports mobile platform that serves as a comprehensive companion to empower the sporting journey of every individual. With Agora Sports, you will be able to LEARN new sports independently and interactively, CONNECT with like-minded individuals and PLAY sports with them conveniently at the location of your choice.


Problem definition: Why are we here?

There is a lack of sports engagement in Singapore due to insufficient sporting facilities and lack of sporting companions. This leads to a diminished motivation to perform physical activities which creates health concerns.

AGORA SPORTS aims to lower these barriers of entry to sports through our Learn, Connect and Play features targeted at making sports engaging and easier for all.

Our solution: Sport made easy, at your fingertips

Our three-pronged solution encompassing the aspects of Learn, Connect and Play are:

LEARN: Computer Vision and Virtual Reality are integrated into our Learn feature to enable a good grasp of the sport. 

CONNECT: A photo sharing feed and matchmaking algorithm allows users to play and share their activities with others. 

PLAY: Through the centralized booking system on the app, users can secure sport facilities with ease. 

Introductory Videos

Take a look at our concept video (left) and our user journey video (right) to have a general understanding of our purpose and the features of our application.

Experience our application.

An application mock-up was designed using Figma. Experience the prototype on the left!


Pick up new sports or improve yourself with AGORA's exclusive Posture Correction and VR Learning Feature.


Posture Correction

Simply use any camera to record yourself, upload your video to our database for processing and receive an analysed output. This function can help amateurs to pick up a sport with correct posture fundamentals and serves as a tool for experienced sports people to further improve themselves.

VR Learning

Our VR learning space was designed using RoundMe. Turn on the volume to enjoy the soothing narrative.

Pan: Click and drag left mouse button
Zoom: Scroll middle mouse button



Share your activities with friends and let them know where you were having fun!



Book a facility easily with AGORA's centralized booking system and invite your friends along.



student Megan Chor Xin Yi Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Wong Jing Yi Engineering Systems and Design
student Tay Kiat Hong Information Systems Technology and Design
student Lim Jie Han Joel Information Systems Technology and Design
student Ng Kah Jun Jeremy Information Systems Technology and Design
student Teo Siang Chuan Daniel Information Systems Technology and Design
student Wilbert Aristo Guntoro Information Systems Technology and Design
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