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Team members

Lang Jun Xin (EPD), Nicholas Siew Jiming (EPD), Lim Jun Hao (ESD), Liu Kaiyu (ISTD), Goh Yi Lin Tiffany (ISTD), Leng Sicong (ISTD), Li Jiaxi (ISTD)


Francisco Benita, Ye Ai, Liu Jun, Sergey Kushnarev

Writing Instructors:

Rashmi Kumar

Teaching Assistant:

Anirudh Maruvada


Interactive 3D Model

Rotate: Drag left mouse button     Zoom: Scroll mouse wheel     Selection: Double click left mouse button     Move: Drag right mouse button







What It Does

CaMRO is a camera-aided system that aims to improve the Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) process in the aerospace industry. CaMRO makes the MRO process more efficient because it identifies aerospace parts in a fast and reliable manner.

Time taken for Part Identification in current MRO process: ~4 mins

Time taken for Part Identification using CaMRO: <5 seconds











Rotating Base

Simply place an aerospace part on the circular base, click on Identify in the User Interface and you will obtain the identification result!

When trying to register new parts into the system, the base also rotates in order to analyze the parts from various orientations. This ensures that CaMRO always produces accurate results when identifying the parts in the future.












Top Lighting

LED lights shining on the circular base ensure that CaMRO performs reliably, even if environmental lighting conditions vary.











Computer Vision

Computer vision is the backbone behind CaMRO’s ability to produce fast and accurate part identification results.











Guided User Interface

The guided user interface allows you to identify parts and save the results in batches. Tedious recording of information part-by-part is no longer required!

A step-by-step wizard also makes registering new parts into the system hassle-free!






Industry Partner


student Lang Jun Xin Engineering Product Development
student Nicholas Siew Jiming Engineering Product Development
student Lim Jun Hao Engineering Systems and Design
student Liu Kaiyu Information Systems Technology and Design
student Goh Yi Lin Tiffany Information Systems Technology and Design
student Leng Sicong Information Systems Technology and Design
student Li Jiaxi Information Systems Technology and Design
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