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IdentityPal: Rethinking Hotel Check-in

Team members

Ong Xiang Qian (EPD), Ian Lim Li Ern (EPD), Mong Chang Hsi (EPD), Sean Lew Teng Siong (ISTD), Tan Jin Kiat Jireh (ISTD), Joanna Saw Khai Sing (ISTD), Glenn Chia Jin Wee (ISTD)


Yeo Si Yong, Low Hong Yee

Writing Instructors:

Wong Yoke Chee Susan

Teaching Assistant:

Ardy Samsir Kartolo

The Problem

The hotel check-in process is time-consuming and inconvenient. A guest provides physical identification documents for hotel staff to manually verify the guest's identity and record personal details. This manual process coupled with insufficient manpower often results in long wait times.

An inefficient check-in process can lead to a negative overall guest experience, given waiting times of more than 10 minutes can reduce guest satisfaction by 50% (Pingitore et al., 2013).


IdentityPal: Rethinking Hotel Check-in

Our Solution

IdentityPal revamps the offline hotel check-in process using a digital identity and automatic verification. With the integration of a mobile application and a kiosk, both PayPal users and non-PayPal users can experience a seamless and convenient check-in process.




IdentityPal reduces the time taken to verify a guest's identity and collect personal information, shortening the hotel check-in time to less than 5 minutes.



Non-PayPal User

A non-PayPal user interacts solely with our kiosk. After entering their booking number and email address, guests scan their passport at the kiosk. This allows the kiosk to extract details such as the name, nationality and passport number. Guests then scan their face for facial authentication, verifying their identy against their scanned passport photo. Once authenticated, the guest has successfully checked in.

PayPal User

A PayPal user interacts with both our mobile application and our kiosk. Guests first generate their unique identity token in the form of a QR code on the mobile application. Scanning this QR code at the kiosk provides the hotel with permission to retrieve the guest's personal details from PayPal. Once the details are retrieved, the guest is successfully checked in.








  • Mobile Application Features

  • Biometric Verification

  • Easy login with phones fingerprint verification or facial recognition
  • QR Code Identity

  • Convenient sharing of unique encrypted digital identity
  • Time-Based One-Time Password

  • Digital identity refreshes every 30 seconds for enhanced security
  • Check-in History

  • Access to history of previous check-ins and shared data

















  • Kiosk Features

  • Facial Authentication

  • Verify identity of guest based on passport photo
  • QR Code Scanner

  • Captures encrypted digital identity of guests
  • NFC Card Dispenser

  • Automated dispensal of hotel cards
  • Passport Scanner

  • Automatic retrieval of passport details using the Machine Readable Zone















We would like to thank Professor Low Hong Yee, Professor Yeo Si Yong, Dr Susan Wong and PayPal for their valuable advice and guidance, without whom this project would not have been possible.



Industry Partner:



student Ong Xiang Qian Engineering Product Development
student Ian Lim Li Ern Engineering Product Development
student Mong Chang Hsi Engineering Product Development
student Sean Lew Teng Siong Information Systems Technology and Design
student Tan Jin Kiat Jireh Information Systems Technology and Design
student Joanna Saw Khai Sing Information Systems Technology and Design
student Glenn Chia Jin Wee Information Systems Technology and Design
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