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Info Portal System

Team members

Dou Jinghan (ESD), Loh Jing Wen (ESD), Zhang Shaozuo (ISTD), Chen Hongfang (ISTD), Hua Guoqiang (ISTD)


Yue Mu, Oka Kurniawan

Writing Instructors:

Nurul Wahidah Binte Mohd Tambee

Teaching Assistant:

Siddharth Kumar

Problem Overview

Department and project managers of ST Electronics are required to update various financial reports which are currently stored locally in the managers’ laptops. Due to complex correlation logics and absence of a database, there is a need for a data ingestion process to form up a data repository in order to correlate disparate data into useful information. This further leads to the manual referencing and navigation for report updating. Additionally, current forecasting methods employed such as averaging does not provide sufficient actionable insights.


Info Portal

An Automated Report Management and Analytics System

A one-stop system that not only stores data from financial reports in a centralised database through an automated data ingestion process, but also enables users to view and edit up to two reports in a single screen, as well as export reports of their choice. Furthermore, it is equipped with a data analytics function that allows users to choose from various models and forecast future sales based on historical data. A Tableau dashboard is also designed to visualise historical and predicted sales, providing meaningful insights which aid in future sales plans.

Overall System Architecture

sys archi v2

Navigating the System - Demo

In collaboration with:


st electronics


student Dou Jinghan Engineering Systems and Design
student Loh Jing Wen Engineering Systems and Design
student Zhang Shaozuo Information Systems Technology and Design
student Chen Hongfang Information Systems Technology and Design
student Hua Guoqiang Information Systems Technology and Design
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