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Makan Guru Reusable Container

Team members

Lim Jun Wei (ESD), Lim Xin Hui Kelly (ESD), Nguyen Hoang Dong (ESD), Tim Yap Ming En (ASD), Phoebe Kong Li Hui (ASD), Jiang Chenxi (EPD), Hong Li-En Nyssa (EPD)


Wang Xingyin, Chong Keng Hua, Michinao Hashimoto

Writing Instructors:

Nurul Wahidah Binte Mohd Tambee

Teaching Assistant:

Kanchana Devi Sokkalingam

Project Description

A simple reusable container solution to tackle single-use plastic waste from food takeout services. The reusable food container service aims to help the Singapore food merchant assimilate into the sustainable future of the Singapore Green Plan 2030

1. Project Background

Makan Guru Interview

Singapore throws away at least 473 million single use plastic disposable item each year. This is equivalent to the land mass size of 3 Sentosa island.

Additionally, an extra 1,334 tonnes of plastic waste, equivalent to the weight of 92 double-decker buses, was generated from takeaway and delivery meals during the two-month circuit breaker of stay-home restrictions in 2020. Since most of the takeouts are delivered in disposable containers, there is a potential to significantly reduce plastic waste through reusable food container in takeout services.

Makan Guru wants to address the prevailing negative impact on the environment swiftly by exploring the posibility of providing a reusable food container service for its delivery platform.

2. Introducing Makan Guru reusable container

Makan Guru Capstone Video

3. Ecosystem




There are 8 easy steps to the reusable container service

1. Subscribe to the reusable container service through Makan Guru app. Pick a restaurant and order delivery

2. Your order would be consolidated by Makan Guru coordinating staff

3. Your food comes in reusable Makan Guru containers

4. Enjoy your meal

5. Return your containers to nearby Return Kiosks for rewards

6. Makan Guru containers are collected and sent for proper washing daily

7. The containers are then distributed back to the food merchant for storage

8. Makan Guru containers are ready to be reused again



4. Delivery Bag



The delivery bag is lightweight, waterproof, thermally insulated and holds up to 8 Makan Guru containers. Its interior is enhanced with adjustable nylon straps that are capable of securing the containers in position to prevent any spillage during delivery.

A cubic shaped bag is used as the basic shape of the delivery bag as it has enough flexibility to accommodate both the reusable containers and current disposable containers. This is to ensure that even in the case where customers who choose not to use reusable containers for food delivery, the delivery bag can still be used.

d bag

5. Return Kiosk

return kiosk poster
kiosk features

Scan & Drop

The return kiosk plays an important part of the whole delivery process that facilitates the return of containers. The kiosks are expected to be set up at public spaces such as office lobbies, mrt stations which makes it extremely convenient for users.  To return the containers, users simply scan their order receipts through the Makan Guru app, then drop the containers into the appropriate slot. 

Key Features:

  • 1. QR Scannner
    • For scanning of order receipt to identify the type of order(Halal/Non-Halal) and number of containers needed to be returned.
    • 2. Light Sensors and Shuttle Panels
    • To determine vacant storage space where customers drop off their containers.
    • 3. Separate and Detachable Compartments
    • Containers are separate into Halal and Non-Halal compartments. Compartments are detachable from the main frame, making collection and maintenance quick and easy.



student Lim Jun Wei Engineering Systems and Design
student Lim Xin Hui Kelly Engineering Systems and Design
student Nguyen Hoang Dong Engineering Systems and Design
student Tim Yap Ming En Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Phoebe Kong Li Hui Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Jiang Chenxi Engineering Product Development
student Hong Li-En Nyssa Engineering Product Development
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