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Team members

Mihir Mohan (ISTD), Kok Yu Hung Patrick (EPD), Sylvia Soh Tsin Hyui (EPD), Yang Fei (EPD), Jia Yunze (ISTD), Zhou Wentao (ISTD)


Lu Zhuo Ming Kenny, Michinao Hashimoto

Writing Instructors:

Wong Yoke Chee Susan

Teaching Assistant:

Anirudh Maruvada

In collaboration with:

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MedBox is an automated medicine dispenser, designed to help the elderly better adhere to their medical prescription. MedBox reduces the effort of medicine-taking by dispensing the right medicines at the right time and in the right quantity. Caregivers and NUH can monitor the patient’s adherence via an app and dashboard respectively.

This project is in collaboration with National University Hospital (NUH), a tertiary hospital and a major referral center where patient safety and good clinical outcomes are its foci. NUH wants to ensure that its elderly patients get necessary outpatient care, especially in the case of medication adherence for the elderly. Medication non-adherence is a significant problem faced by about 250,000 elderly patients in Singapore. Our solution would tackle the problem of unintentional non-adherence as NUH already has projects in place to tackle intentional non-adherence. One thing to note is that although NUH is our collaborator the product is being designed for the end users - i.e the elderly.  The proposed solution is a smart Medicine Box that automatically dispenses the right medicine at the right time and at the right doses. It focuses on reducing the complexity of existing medication intake processes by prioritizing ease of use for elderly patients. This includes providing an easy onboarding process, reducing the mental and physical load, and automatically updating prescription data. The solution also comes with a dashboard for NUH and an app for caregivers to remotely monitor the medication adherence of the elderly.

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Different components of the medbox.


Capstone Proj20 MedBox Demo Video


Caregiver application, showing sign up page and data dashboard



student Mihir Mohan Information Systems Technology and Design
student Kok Yu Hung Patrick Engineering Product Development
student Sylvia Soh Tsin Hyui Engineering Product Development
student Yang Fei Engineering Product Development
student Jia Yunze Information Systems Technology and Design
student Zhou Wentao Information Systems Technology and Design
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