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Team members

Neo Theng Tat (EPD), Jordan Tay Jin Jie (ESD), Kenji Ling Chang Ling (ESD), Yip Weisheng Ryan (ESD), Kua Yi Jie Isaac (ESD), Yang Aobo (ISTD), Lim Jie Xin Evangeline (ISTD)


Norman Lee Tiong Seng, Ying Xu, Nuno Ribeiro, Thomas Schroepfer

Writing Instructors:

Wong Yoke Chee Susan

Teaching Assistant:

Cheryl Low Rui Min

Problem Description

As we get more connected online today, we get disconnected from our community in real life. Hence, we created Scratchbac, a resource sharing platform that aims to connect people to their immediate communities. Users can request and offer resources to their neighbours through the application, making it easy to seek help and share resources, especially in trying times like the COVID-19 pandemic.




browse hyperlocal listings

Browse hyperlocal listings

Explore offers and requests posted in your location. Staying hyperlocal means staying relevant as everything will be within 1km from you, so meeting up will be simple and easy.

Post anything, anytime, anywhere

You can set where you want to be posting from,  be it your home address or your work location. The free form posting means that you can write about anything you want at any time, anywhere.

post anywehre naytime
interactions made easy

Interactions made easy

Receive notifications of your interactions all on one page, so you never lose track of them. 

User Stories

"Printer died on me one day before midterms and couldn’t print out my notes ;-; but friendly neighbours from @scratchbac_sg saved the day (3ppl offered to help print!!!! super niceeeeee <3)"

- anonymous Scratchbac user

I left my charger at work and I’ll be WFH the next 2 days. I didn’t want to travel 3hr to and fro just to pick up the charger. So I tried out @scratchbac_sg. 

And someone responded! 
And she stayed in the next block!"

- @iamyuhharn




story 2
story 3

Platform Performance


Scratchbac has seen considerable growth with more than 48k signups and more than 20k users in the first 24 weeks of its inception. We have a 53% growth rate with more than 100 posts per day at our peak, and a fulfilment rate of 45%. This means that almost 1 in 2 posts will get a response and engagement.









We would like to extend our gratitude to the instructors: Prof Norman Lee, Prof Ying Xu, Prof Mohan Rajesh Elara, Prof Nuno Ribeiro, and Dr Susan Wong for their guidance and support. We would also like to thank the LLP team who helped us with our business ideas, and the SUTD Entrepreneurship Centre for the wonderful working space it provided. 

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student Neo Theng Tat Engineering Product Development
student Jordan Tay Jin Jie Engineering Systems and Design
student Kenji Ling Chang Ling Engineering Systems and Design
student Yip Weisheng Ryan Engineering Systems and Design
student Kua Yi Jie Isaac Engineering Systems and Design
student Yang Aobo Information Systems Technology and Design
student Lim Jie Xin Evangeline Information Systems Technology and Design
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